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Testing this blog's content

This blog is built using hugo, a static site generator and a continuous integration/deployment process (CI/CD) is set up for automatic publication. But wait! There’s hardly any CI and even less CD without automated tests, right? I certainly don’t want to end up in developer hell for not setting up some! Run tests before publication Before updates are published to this blog, some tests must be executed. There are different aspects that might be tested, the two main ones would be implementation (e. [...]

CI for this Blog with Azure DevOps

After I had set up my hugo driven blog on my local machine I wanted a solution that would help me publish any changes in an easy manner and also a backup solution. Therefore I decided to use some continuous integration/deployment approach. Initial situation In order to set up the CI for the blog, the files comprising it are in a folder on my computer and the folder is a local git repository. [...]